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3531-02-MX-D2000-F-010 - Mediatrix 3000 1PRI (E1/T1)

Mediatrix 3000  1PRI (E1/T1) 3531-02-MX-D2000-F-010

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Mediatrix 3000 1PRI (E1/T1). offre une solution idéale pour les applications vocales d'entreprise ou pour se connecter à l'accès haut débit d'un fournisseur de service.

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  • Mediatrix 3000  1PRI (E1/T1) 3531-02-MX-D2000-F-010
Description du Produit

Mediatrix 3531 VoIP Gateway

The Mediatrix 3531 is a single T1 digital gateway which allows enterprises to lower communications costs over any IP link. The Mediatrix 3531 is a multi-function device combining VoIP IAD and Gateway in a secure and powerful platform. It applies to SIP Trunking, PBX Trunking, and PSTN access for local VoIP equipments solutions. The Mediatrix 3500 Series also allows Carriers, Service Providers, and System Integrators to initially deploy secure systems and generate additional revenue streams.

Mediatrix 3531 VoIP Gateway Overview:

Designed specifically for enterprise applications, the Mediatrix3500 Series VoIP gateways make use of existing broadband access equipment to connect to any standards-based VoIP network. The Mediatrix 3500 Series gateways meet the requirements of enterprises that want to connect their ISDN equipment, such as PBXs, through a T1 PRI interface to an IP network or as a gateway to the PSTN.
Mediatrix 3531 VoIP Gateway Features & Functions:
23 simultaneous calls
1 ISDN T1 PRI port
SIP DGW v2.0 firmware
NT/TE software configurable
Feature-rich carrier grade product.
Deployable in SIP VoIP networks.
User-programmable call handling.
Security features: SNMPv3, SSH, HTTPS. Hardware ready and capable to support SRTP and SIP over TLS.
Proven voice algorithms implemented on dedicated DSP engine for enhanced voice quality on each interface card.
Fax over IP support, including T.38.
Multiple codec support.
Remote management capabilities.
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